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To Help Teachers retire with Financial dignity

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Hi, my Name is Galianie Veillard Lacroix, I am a licenced Insurance Agent and the owner of Veillard Lacroix Insurance in Fort- Lauderdale, FL. I bring you a GOOD NEWS and a GREAT OPPORTUNITY.

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There is a big problem in America

teacherThe average retired Teacher has less than $ 1,800 a month after reduction

-Only 25% of school employees are saving for retirement
-Most retirees will spend more years in retirement without financial security than in an active career due to extended lifespan.

According to a USA Today opinion poll: 78% of retirees polled “wished they had planned better for retirement,” 42% “wished they had saved more money,” and 37% “wished they had opened an IRA or contributed to a 403(b).” No one can live with dignity on a take home retirement income of $1,800 per month! We are committed to the crusade of helping teachers improve their bottom line at retirement.


you are the solution

You will be the answers by:

*Helping teachers understand their STRS (State Teacher Retirement System)

*Calculating teachers’ projected retirement income

*Educating teachers on savings options to help fill the retirement income gap

*Helping teachers personalize the best savings plan for themselves

*Sharing our success system for maximizing income, savings, and retirement

Technically, as an Agent you are going to be selling 403b, Roth IRA, 457 and other qualified plans.

In the Process you will help Teachers to retire happy

and you will make a lot of money

               There are two ways to make money

 1)  FLOW = Every month Teachers are putting money into their retirement plan, 403b, Roth IRA. You will receive a commission on every single transaction.

 2) TRANSFER = After 30 years of service, Teachers transfer their retirement money from the state account into other retirement vehicles. We are talking about big money! The average teacher transfers $300,000 and you will receive a large commission for those transfers.

+ Life Insurance Policies

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